Convolutional neural network

Research work carried out with the participation of Dr. Pascal Roman, Professor in psychoanalysis at the university of Lausanne (CH) and Dr. Alex Lefebvre.
Performers : Charles Mouron, Jérémie Nicolet and Thibaud Pedraja.
If a computer were to take a Rorschach test, what would the outcome be? This work is not only about psychological profiling of an artificial intelligence. Giving a Rorschach test to a computer creates an echo between different parameters. First, the question about ethics is raised : instead of focusing on the future, we should look at where we are now. How would a computer act if it had to act nowadays?
This work also creates a connection between two databases: the one of the test -made of answers and profiles- and the one used by the computer to read the images -made with images and keywords. This work also talks about the fact that the Rorschach test -being the most known psychological test in the western world- has been used in many different ways and some wrong ones.

The display of rorschach.test at the art space Topic was intended for people to have access to most of the elements of the research. So that one could understand how everything has been articulated. Meanwhile, performers were present, embodying the characters they created from the psychoanalysis given by Dr. Pascal Roman and Alex Lefebvre