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Dutch Art Institute
MA - DAI Art Praxis
2018 - 2021

HEAD - Geneva School of Art and Design
BA - Arts
2014 - 2017

”COOP Summit” at Radio Kootwijk (NL)
It doesn’t have to taste good to be affective
September 2020

”Aeroponic Acts” at Radio Kootwijk (NL)
June 2020

“Aeroponic Acts” at Silent Green (D)
Collecting questions
May 2019

“roschach.test” at Topic, Geneva (CH)
July 2018

“DAS MUTTER” at Espace St Martin, Lausanne (CH)
Movement 1
February 2017

“50JPG” at Andata Ritorno, Geneva (CH)
Better Ads
June 2016

“Local.Host” at 1.1, Basel (CH)
April 2016

“Black Sites” at Live in your Head, Geneva (CH)
Better Ads
February 2016