With Anne-Lise Tacheron and Gauvain Jacot-Descombes


Do aliens exist? As long as doubt exists, the idea of creating a contact has fascinated humans. It has been dozens of years since messages were sent in space for other life-forms in the first place.
DNA, our bodies, our cultures, multiple elements have been sent as radio-phonic messages or recordings -safely kept in space shuttles- for the purpose of presenting our planet. These messages are evidences of life on Earth, but if they were to be read, that would be in thousands of years.

Arecibo message
Sent in 1974 from Puerto Rico

What is sent into space are archeological artifacts, elements whose condition is to be stuck in the past. Considering this a question is to be asked: where will the current most powerful civilisation, western mankind, who sends its History through the stars, be at the time the messages will eventually be read?

The material for this piece are the radiophonic messages and recordings that were sent into space. Once gathered they got used to create a web-radio show in order to make people on Earth listen to these. The web-radio show was chosen, because the web is nearly everywhere, so that people can listen to it from every place in the world where the internet reaches. The question about representation is asked here: do these sounds really represent us? And this can only be asked to people able to access the internet and listen.