Emma De Filippo | WorkInfos

Movement n°2
2017 - Work carried out with Jean Sottas.

Movement 2 is a kinetic piece. This work is about the classic idea that mechanical objects are in opposition to the organic world. Movement 2 has been built with the will to remind both. The mechanics are present because it is a mechanism, the organic is represented by the movement and e ects created.
The materials used are multiple. They have been adapted in order to obtain an harmonious object with aesthetics close to the industrial look.
The sounds are produced by the mechanism and fill the space where the work is. It makes two di erent sounds: one is continous and the other is random and very short.
The movement created with the motors reminds, by its slowness and nature, something that might be organic. The moving metal triangles draw light reflections on the walls that suggest reflections made by water.

Movement 2, once placed in a room, fills it with its physical presence as well as by sound and light reflection.
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